Standards Setting Committee

The Standards Setting Committee comprises 25 independent experts from 15 different countries. They’ve been appointed by the Coalition to draft and consult on the new International Cost Management Standard, 3rd edition.

The SSC members and co-authors of ICMS, third edition are:

  • Anil Sawhney (USA) – Chair
  • Malcolm Horner (UK) – Vice-Chair and Technical Author
  • Gerard O’Sullivan (Republic of Ireland) – Executive Secretary
  • Alan Muse (UK) – Past Chair
  • Chris Fry (UK) – Technical Author
  • Alexander Aronsohn (UK)
  • Dainna Baharuddin (Malaysia)
  • Peter Bredehoeft (USA)
  • Tolis Chatzisymeon (Greece)
  • Ruya Fadason (Nigeria)
  • Roger Flanagan (UK)
  • Andrew Green (UK)
  • Roy Howes (Canada)
  • Tim de Jonge (Netherlands)
  • Nathan Kibwami (Uganda)
  • Gregory Kight (USA)
  • Patrick Manu (Ghana)
  • Brian McBurney (Canada)
  • Charles Mitchell (Republic of Ireland)
  • Philippe Moseley (Belgium)
  • Sinimol Noushad (UAE)
  • David Picken (Australia)
  • Stacy Smedley (USA)
  • Koji Tanaka (Japan)
  • Tang Ki-Cheung (Hong Kong)